Civil Engineering

We offer a full range of Quality assured civil engineering services in relation to land and building site development and are accredited service providers to Water Companies, Municipal Councils, VicRoads, and other utility and infrastructure companies. Staff training extends to areas that include work around “live” water company assets, road and railway facilities.


These Services relate to:-

  • Land subdivision: - Residential, commercial and industrial of any size;
  • Infrastructure and urban renewal projects: roads, earthworks, drainage and sewerage, water supply, electricity, gas and telecommunications
  • Services master planning and concept design
  • Site works for building projects, multi-unit housing projects and land reclamation and rehabilitation.
  • Pumping stations and retention systems for sewerage and drainage systems.
  • Water Sensitive Urban Design – Swales, wetlands, bioretention, lakes
  • Water recycling, greywater systems, stormwater harvesting
  • Stormwater detention systems
  • Project Analysis
    • preliminary investigations and pre-purchase appraisals of land development opportunities
    • feasibility studies and financial management of projects including cost estimates and cash flows
  • Certification of costs for finance to land projects; certification of contract values and contractor claims for lending institutions
  • Development appraisal and feasibility for land acquisition and compensation claims for public and private enterprises.
  • Engineering survey works
  • Negotiation and consultation with Service Authorities and other interested parties
  • Preparation of design, plans, specifications
  • Preparation of schedules of quantities and estimates
  • Calling tenders, appraisal of tenders, general supervision of construction, and contract administration
  • Expert witnessing at VCAT and Panel Hearings.


Reeds Consulting Pty Ltd is a member of the Association of Land Development Engineers.


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