Environmental Policy

Reeds Consulting Pty Ltd provides professional services as land surveyors, civil engineers and development consultants to local, interstate and international clients in both the private and Government sectors.


Reeds recognise that many of its activities, products and services can cause impacts on the environment. To address these impacts and in turn add value to our client's projects Management is committed to:

  • Implementing environmentally sensitive design principles where practicable,
  • Ensuring engineering construction and surveying activities are performed in a manner which minimises adverse environmental impacts,
  • Implement measures to prevent or minimise pollution, waste and other impacts on the environment resulting from activities, products and services that Reeds controls and can influence,
  • Comply with all relevant sections in the Environment Protection Act 1970
  • Continually improving and broadening the environmental knowledge and expertise of staff,
  • Reducing the environmental impact of Reeds activities, products and services,
  • Complying with or exceeding relevant environmental legislation, regulations and other requirements to which Reeds subscribes,
  • Establish, implement, maintain and continually improve the Management System,
  • Identify the environmental aspects and impacts of the organisation’s activities, products and services, and manage these in an appropriate manner,
  • Identify priorities and set appropriate environmental objectives and targets,
  • Coordinating the Environmental Policy with other organizational policies.


Management reviews its environmental objectives on a regular basis to ensure their continuing suitability within the framework of the Management System. The environmental elements of the Management System are audited in accordance with established procedures to ensure compliance with AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004.


The Environmental Policy is communicated to and understood by all employees.



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