Adshead and McQuie Amalgamation


Upon retirement of John Szwaj on 30th June 2011 Reeds Consulting Pty Ltd wish to advise of the amalgamation of Adshead and McQuie Surveying services with Reeds Consulting. Ongoing and future operations will continue under the Reeds Consulting business name.

Substantial expertise has been retained from existing Adshead and McQuie staff and this will enhance existing competencies and capabilities within Reeds Consulting.

We wish John Szwaj an enjoyable and fulfilling retirement, whenever that situation becomes a practical reality.

The amalgamation is in line with Reeds Consulting Pty Ltd's strive to be more innovative in our services and diligent in the application of our work practices

We methodically review our procedures to meet our client's stated and implied needs while pursuing innovative design, new technological advances and monitoring changes in Standards and Statutory Acts and Regulations.

We offer our services in the professional fields of Land Surveying and Civil Engineering and in the broader area of Development Consultancy.

With our amalgamated workforce we are an enthusiastic team of professionals who with our combined skills can add value to any development and work with our client and the consultant team to maximise their return on the Project.


Our interests are governed by our client's best interests...

To establish and maintain these interests, the following primary goals are considered paramount:

achieving customer satisfaction through quality service;

maximising efficiency in providing these services.